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hmm ok so a few days ago my feelings for ____ came backa nd it was cool becuase we talked all nite nad the next day ____ says he got an e-mail from someone saying _____ was cheating on him and all i could think of was oh wow maybe we can have a chance now yes! then that days was so cool i ran some arrands with my dad and then i hung with jenny then i came home at 10 and ____ was online and he was like yeah me and _____ are cool now so they were bac in action. so i was like ok and then last night i totally could not sleep so me and jenny say on the phone till like 4:30 which was cool and i still have yet to go to bed and then at 7 i got up to get ready for work at 9 till 1:45 then jenny picked me up and so her and amber dropped me off so i could shower and then they went and picked up cassie and then came back and got me... then we were off which at the show all i really did was sit on my cell but oh well then i listened to this band from chicago called mighty casey and the strike-outs and it was cool i really liked them and stuff then jenny had to go and clean so we left and we are still determining wether we are going back or not. yeah i have kiefer and stuff i just dont know what to do. he is in new york for two weeks.

new cell number
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