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yes well last night as you could tell i was rather upset still. but anyway last night was the first show on the tour list for patterns in static which was very fun indeed it was nice to see all my friends and even make a couple new ones yes indeed it was. it was very nice to see sam. he gave me a hug after the show im going to miss going to see him at kavarna oh well though cause we will still see him like on the thirty first they will be in appleton i want to go but ryan will probably be there with libby so it will be hard cause i know it is going to take all the strength i have to get over him and maybe even then some but yeah well anyway there was alot that happened but i need to find my dad to see if kayla can sleep over tonight cause we are depressed and we are going to eat alot and be fat and watch the lifetime movie network haha

leave love

hit up the phone tonight
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