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hey kids!! hmm well yes it is time that i get over this...and let everyone know....I LOVE HANSON!! oh haha no im totally kidding...haha but yes well hmm yes last night was really fun me and olivia went to jamies show it was in appleton quite a fun ride listening to oldies haha then we got there and such and hung out with jamie and greg and sam and eric and that was way fun i must say i really like jamie's bands yes well ryan's band played to which was nice..they didnt do so hott but im sure thay have done better before it just wasnt there night. thats ok though it was alot of fun anyway especially trying to take pictures of olivia oh boy i love that girl i will miss her when i move im faced so many decisions right now to i can go and live with my mom and move but stay at southwest or i can move in with my dad where my friends are all 245785315785 miles away and go to east De Pere then there are other major decisions in my life that i dont feel like discussing in here but they are like worse i hate this im so confused about so many things right now it is just unbearable i feel like running away so i dont have to deal with them but that would risk everything lalalala oh well

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